AutoRenew is a feature that takes most of the manual work out of renewing your SSL certificates. When you have opted into AutoRenew for your SSL, our system will automatically purchase and generate your SSL renewal when its expiration time. All you have to do then is complete validation and install the new file on your server to continue securing your website.

How does AutoRenew work?

AutoRenew is only available for SSL Certificates. You must have a valid credit card saved on your account to allow the automatic purchase of your SSL renewal. If you have a balance of store credit, we can use that to purchase your renewal certificate instead. 

Our system will use the same Certificate Signing Request (CSR) from your previous SSL order to generate the renewal. That means that you must have the matching private key for that CSR saved on your server in order to install the renewal certificate. We do not recommend using AutoRenew if your private key cannot be found, or if your server requires a new CSR to be generated whenever you need to install a new SSL certificate.

At this time, AutoRenew cannot be enabled for Code Signing, Email Signing, or Document Signing certificates.

Can I still get Renewal Reminders?

Since AutoRenew takes care of the initial renewal process for you, there is no need to worry about receiving SSL renewal reminder emails. However, you can still opt to receive renewal reminders instead of enabling AutoRenew so you may take care of the SSL renewal yourself. 

How to Enable or Disable AutoRenew

There are three main locations where you can manage your AutoRenew settings.

  • During generation of a new SSL order
  • Order Details dashboard
  • Manage Renewal Settings

Enable AutoRenew During Generation

When generating a new SSL order, you can choose to enroll in AutoRenew on the last step before submitting the order form. Please note that you can enable AutoRenew for this specific order, or for all orders on your account. You can also simply select to receive email renewal reminders if you'd prefer to manually renew the SSL when the time comes.

Enable AutoRenew on Order Details Dashboard

After generating your SSL order, you can manage the AutoRenew setting for that specific certificate on the Order Details page, which you can access from your account dashboard by clicking the Order ID number on your list of Total Orders.

On the Order Details page, look under the Expiration Date details to find the AutoRenew setting. You can turn AutoRenew on or off here.

Manage Renewal Settings

You can manage your certificate renewal preferences for all orders on your account from the Renewal Reminder Settings page. Open the My Account menu at the top of the page and click Renewal Reminder Settings.

On your Manage Renewal Settings page, there are two sections where you can manage AutoRenew.

At the top of this page, you will find the AutoRenew Existing Active/Pending orders option. Clicking this button will turn on AutoRenew for every eligible SSL order on your account.

If you only want to enable AutoRenew for certain SSL orders, but not all of them, scroll down the page to find the My Orders list. Here you can select either AutoRenew or Renewal Reminder Emails per order, or you can disable the renewal features altogether.