How to Complete Validation for Document Signing Certificates

Comodo's Document Signing Certificate for Adobe follows similar requirements for validation to Organization Validation (OV) and Individual Validation (IV) certificates. To finish validation for your Document Signing Certificate, you must be prepared to help Comodo complete the following steps.

  • Email Verification
  • Identity Verification
  • Organization Verification
  • Phone Number Verification
  • Final Verification Phone Call

Email Verification

The email verification step is very simple. After generating your Document Signing order, you will shortly receive an email from Sectigo with instructions for confirming your email address with the click of a button. 

Identity Verification

When requesting a Document Signing Certificate, you must complete Identity Verification with Comodo. Identity Verification requires a few different personal documents and a visit to a registered notary. Please note that Comodo must be able to verify the notary's registration to accept the documentation.

The following documents are required:

  1. Face to Face Document (download from Comodo here)
  2. Government-issued Photo ID card (driver's license, passport)
  3. One financial document (credit card, bank statement) under your name
  4. One non-financial document (recent utility bill, birth certificate, or tax bill) under your name

All documents must be photocopied and notarized and submitted along with the Face to Face document. You can submit these documents directly to Comodo using the Comodo Ticket Portal.

Organization Verification and Phone Number Verification

Comodo must verify a few details about the organization requesting the certificate, if applicable. The validation team will specifically be checking for company registration status, registered address, and a phone number that can be used to contact you. 

In many cases, Comodo's validation team is able to complete this process behind the scenes using various online resources, such as government databases and Dun & Bradstreet credit reports.

Please note that your own company website cannot be used as a validation resource.

Comodo will notify you by email if they have trouble completing any step of the organization validation process. This step can be delayed if your organization is not publicly listed on a third-party site, or if the information Comodo finds is out of date. Please make sure any third-party directory listings display the correct company address and telephone number.

If your company is not publicly listed and you prefer to not create a listing, you will need to submit a Professional Opinion Letter signed by an attorney or CPA to verify your company details. 

Final Verification Phone Call

Once Comodo has verified your company phone number using an approved third-party directory site or professional opinion letter, they will reach out to you at that number to finish the verification process. 

Certificate Issuance

Once you have finished the validation process with Comodo, your Document Signing Certificate will be issued on a physical secure USB token and mailed to your verified address. The certificate cannot be removed from this USB or converted to a digital format, so please make sure to keep the USB in a safe place.